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The Hotel Bangalôs da Serra LTDA. It has the principle SUSTAINABILITY. With that in mind, I propose that your corporate event is ecologically correct.

Your event at the Bangalôs is different.The inputs for the coffee break (fruits and vegetables) are harvested right here in the hotel - a healthy practice that delights our customers by striking natural flavor and freshly baked product.

Fruits harvested in the orchard we have, out delicious jellies, liqueurs -In schmiers and pies and sweet cakes in syrup. Finally, the greens and vegetables are the ingredients for pies, quiches and meals served at Bangalôs restaurant.

Your Sustainable Event

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  • In our Hotel 25% of the energy is from renewable sources such as wind, hydro and solar generation.
  • The papers used are all recycled.
  • The meeting room features air conditioning: hot / cold with Inverter technology (more economy, more silence).
  • We have a staff willing to help with everything necessary.
  • And if beat that stress, just look out the window and contemplate 30. 000 square meters of green area that we have and which are available to all your staff. You can still sit under the trees of the orchard to continue the meeting. Carpets will be available to just ask.


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