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30 Christmas Light Gramado announces the largest event

World Christmas

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A memorable and even grander celebration is what promises the historic 30th edition of the Christmas Light Gramado. The traditional event which takes place from October 30 to January 17, 2016 has many new features and many attractions of great shows, musical shows, shows, parades, concerts, theater and music in over 500 presentations.

Attracting more than 2 million tourists every year, the event confirms the strength and dedication of the local community to welcome visitors.Amid the trials of events, the decoration of the streets and the shops, a huge team prepares to turn fantasy into reality. Hundreds of artists - dancers, singers, musicians, actors, producers and directors - who combine talent and inspiration lawn turning in a magical city for the Christmas season.

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Thus, investing in the total renovation of the shows under the auspices of a new and high spirits, the event aims to provide the opportunity to return to believe in Christmas magic. With new artistic director, in charge of Edson Erdmann, the event will also strive for excited public participation, bringing together family and providing joy and fun of the legitimate worthy Christmas spirit. Or as Erdmann said, "the emotion will drive the stories that we tell and sing."

It should be noted in the extensive program, four new and large spectacles and a inspiradíssima version of the traditional Show Lighting of the Lights.

Below is a synopsis of new shows, noting that the tickets can be purchased on the websites or

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I am Mary (Nativitaten)
Presented on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 21h30min on Lake Joaquina Bier, the show changes the concept of everything that presented itself before in a great epic musical. More than 200 artists, including actors and actresses, singers, sopranos, tenors, orchestra and dancers, live. The story begins in the "Yes" of Mary to the Angel Gabriel, accepting and committing to the larger mission of humanity and unfolds to the most memorable moment of Christmas: giving birth to the man who changed billions of lives.

Great Christmas Parade 30 years
Presented on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, from 21h30min in the area Expogramado.With over 1000 people involved the pursuit production offering the largest Christmas parade ever. The audience will remember what happened in the world in 30 years of Christmas light: music, fashion, toys, the clothes, the attitudes. Special effects, captivating music and lots of fun are the ingredients for this trip back in time with lots of audience participation.

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Christmas Around the World
The show replaces the Fantastic Christmas Factory and will be presented on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 18:30h in Expogramado Pavilion.

Sofia, the little girl who visited the Fantastic Christmas Factory, now has 30 years ... grew, matured, he became. But, like everyone else when they reach this age, if allowed to dream again and again to believe in the Magic of Christmas.Reunited friends Christmas Factory and was show them how are the Christmases around the world, their curiosity, their parties. A highly technological scenario provides an unforgettable trip around the world for the whole family.

Christmas Magic with Kronnus
Presented Friday through Sunday at the Palais des Festivals, from 17 hours - in the schedule from 13 November. Brazil The greatest magician defies the eyes of the most attentive and delights adults and children in a themed show for Christmas in stage set up exclusively for this show.
Magic for all ages, harmonizing enchantment and mystery amidst the big question: how did he do it ???

Show Lighting of the Lights
During every night of the event, an exciting ceremony in the city center, with sound and light effects synchronized with the large Christmas tree, culminates in the lighting of the city lights. The attraction is free and will be fully renovated with new concept and performance artists in amid espocar ​​lights and sounds.The event is scheduled for 20:30 in structure mounted on the Palais des Festivals in front of the Covered Street in the Center Lawn.

Christmas Light Gramado will have a total of 44 Magic Christmas presentations, 45 Christmas Around the World, 34 of I am Mary - Nativitaten and 34 of the Great Christmas Parade 30 years.

The 30th Christmas Light is a promotion of the City Hall lawn and holding of the Municipal Municipality Gramadotur.

Cover photo: Cleiton Thiele. Pictures remaining: ACP Comm & Learning
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