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Christmas Light successfully follows

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The end of October was special in the Serra do Rio Grande do Sul. The Christmas Light, traditional event that takes place in London received at least 20 thousand people to follow attractions. The main point of the evening was the Grand Parade, which ended down artificial snow to the delight of adults and children on Sunday (1).

Every year from October to January, the city of Gramado in the Serra Gaucha, turns to receive more than two million visitors in Christmas light. The festival, which combines Christmas decorations, light show and various attractions, reaches its Thirty-filled edition of updates designed to delight.

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The main one is the play "I Am Maria - Nativitaten", an overproduction which replaces the widely used "Nativitaten" at Lake Joaquina Bier. More than 200 artists spread over a stage of 66 meters wide and 27 meters high. Actors, singers, dancers and orchestra musicians participating in the popular opera, which is told from the viewpoint women.The story begins with Mary saying "yes" to the Angel Gabriel and continues until the moment of birth of the Child Jesus, the most memorable moment of Christmas. All amid projections of images and powerful special effects.

A weight team of professionals is involved in this original story created for this event, which promises to thrill and make the audience participate in a spectacle compound known and songs sung by all.Public and cast will be one, singing together and thrilling as ever.

The traditional Christmas parade and match also wins epic proportions this season and promises to be the greatest of all time. The "Grand Christmas Parade" recalls the changes in music, fashion, behavior and children's play over the last 30 years.It does away with artificial snowfall to the delight of adults and children.

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Remember the Dancing Flower? The toy was a hit in 1989 and will make you come right back to the 80s! This is just one of the surprises of the Great Christmas Parade 30 Years!

Another new event is the show "Christmas Around the World," which takes the place of assembly "Fantastic Christmas Factory" in Pavilion Expogramado. In the plot, Sofia, who visited the old factory of Santa Claus as a child, grew up. And after 30 years, even an adult, she gets carried away again by Christmas magic, finds his old friends and will show them how Christmas is celebrated around the world.

Movement ... Action... Dance .. "Christmas around the World" will return you to believe in the magic of Christmas! Some of the best dancers participate in the Christmas show throughout the world. The original show's soundtrack is composed of diverse rhythms, which requires much trial!

The magical atmosphere of tales and Christmas figures gained further expression in the presence of Kronnus illusionist, one of the best magicians of Brazil. Invited to participate for the first time the event, it promises to delight adults and children telling, trick to trick, a full Christmas story mysteries.

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During each night, from 20.30, visitors can follow the "Starting to Show of Lights," a moving ceremony with performances of artists, sound effects and bright synchronized with the giant Christmas tree. Guilherme Paulus, Chairman of CVC's management and accompanying event since the 1980s, Christmas Light is the result of a collective effort.

In addition to all this programming, Gramado has beautiful scenery, lively nightlife and good food. And the best: with the high dollar, which increases foreign travel, the destination can be a great choice to delight the whole family.

The Gramadotur, Municipal Local Authority responsible for carrying Christmas Light Lawn.

Programming LIGHT CHRISTMAS 30 YEARS already in the air.
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