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Hotel promotes education and culture

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Gramado-RS, September 3, 2014 - Two special actions focused on the development of the community were celebrated this Tuesday September 02 at the Hotel BBangalôs da Serra of Gramado: Project closing Knowing and Understanding Hospitality in its sixth year and Launch of Space Craft Gramadense.

In partnership with the Municipal School Henrique Bertoluci Sobrinho, the project Knowing and Understanding Hospitality's main objectives are to make teenagers aware of the daily routine of a hotel and can understand their role as future entrepreneurs or workers in this sector, which employs more and moves the economy Lawn.

In 2014, they were part of the initiative 16 adolescents aged 14 to 17 years of the ninth year of elementary school. Since 2009, six groups totaling 120 students have participated in the project, which lasts three months.

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His story starts in mid-2005 when students of the initial series came to know the hotel and do some recreational activities. "In 2006 I stage at school, and from this moment the ties were strengthened and adolescents began to question the direction they wanted to also come to the hotel," says Marilu Kern, Hotel managing partner and creator of the initiative.

Students attended lectures, practical experiences in the kitchen, made and served their own lunch and breakfast, packed their beds and visualisaram using NewHotel Hotels Management software.Also participated in lectures on social media, entrepreneurship, environmental education, music, preservation of the environment, attracting events, preservation of local culture, and research on the hotels and restaurants lawn. In 3 months project Sustainability was the focus of all actions.

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Local art to the world

The project with gramadenses artisans came the request of tourists in search of Gramado craft something different, which could lead to their homes not only objects, but something connected to the local culture. "We are proud of terms 8 local artists participating in the our space, promoting the local culture in a unique, creative and sensitive manner, "said Kern.

While the official website of the Bangalôs da Serra categories releases, photos and descriptions of the creations, the physical space is located at the entrance of the Hotel.The guest can enjoy, ask and buy directly at the reception. The money raised goes entirely to the artists and craftsmen. "This non-profit initiative is yet another expression of the sustainability policy that involves our tourist enterprise and our philosophy of life," says Kern.

The event was attended by the participation of Deputy Mayor Luia Barbacovi, Secretary of Tourism Lawn, Rosa Helena Volk; Secretary of Industry, Commerce and Services, Ilton Gomes; the coordinators of the Pedagogical Department of Education Jurema Cicarolli and Dirce Bergamo; Director Mrs School. Ticiana Haas, teachers, students of the School Henrique Bertoluci Sobrinho the Head of Service Branch SEBRAE Lawn, Luciane Moura, and representatives of ABRASEL the DisplayCard, Vision Lawn Development Agency, Convention & Vistours Bureau, and Gustavo Trindade ALI, SEBRAE Local Development Agent.

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  • Contact: For more information on Social and Environmental Projects of the Hotel Bungalows Sierra lawn, go, Tel .: (054) 32864004.