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Nothing better than that beautiful and delicious hotel breakfast. How about if it is with all the freshly baked products produced at the hotel itself, and yet sustainably? This is the colonial breakfast here of the Sierra Bungalows.

The differential Bangalôs breakfast is that all ingredients (fruits and vegetables) are made right here in the hotel - a healthy practice that delights guests by striking natural flavor and freshly baked product.

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Fruits harvested in the orchard we have, out delicious jams, schmiers and liqueurs - as well as pies and cakes (already mentioned before) and sweets in syrup. Finally, the greens and vegetables are the ingredients for pies, quiches and meals served at Bungalows restaurant.

Plus a spread? The Bungalows cafes are also sustainable, and cover a range of diversity that goes from the traditional, through gourmet and specialty coffees to blends of grain produced on farms with sustainability certification and environmental responsibility.

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The coffee bush, our coffee supplier, stands out in the productive sector of quality coffee because acquires green coffee benefited from the best regions of Brazil and roasting with care and attention so that the result is a drink with sweet taste and natural acidity. Coffees Coffee has developed by Brazilian origin and are all of arabica (100%) which ensures a drink with more flavor and aroma.

It was salivating? So come experience these delights! We look forward to welcoming you.

"Breakfast with delicious breads colonial own manufacturing.Overall, it would be the hotel I recommend for Lawn. "(Comment from a customer on TripAdvisor)

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