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Conditions Hosting

  1. Daily rates begin at 14:00h and close at 12:00h. In case you need to Late Check-out, contact the front desk.
  2. The colonial breakfast (made with organic produce from the Hotel itself) is served from 07:00h to 10:00h. If you need care sooner, schedule with the reception the day before until 14:00h.
  3. The hours of operation of the restaurant is from 12h to 22h from Tuesday to Sunday; requests should be made until 21:30h. We do not serve soups and creams in Bungalows For the little ones, see our.. . Kids menu The preparation time of dishes ranges from 20 min to 45 min, on demand All Mondays the restaurant is closed, except during periods of average and high season; if you have any questions please refer to the reception.
  4. Cleaning of the bungalows is made ​​until 16:00h. For your safety and for the cleaning of the bungalow is performed it is necessary to leave the key at reception before leaving.
  5. For comfort of all, please observe the Silence hours after 22:00h.
  7. Smoking is not allowed inside the premises of the Hotel seconds Federal Law 12.546 (Article 49), or in their vehicles. If smoke smell will be charged desodorizarão rate of R $ 60.00/day.
  8. Do not take white towels for the swimming pool, others ask at reception.
  9. All Hotel Bangalôs have safes. The Hotel is not responsible for valuables or sums of money left in the bungalows and other facilities of the establishment.
  10. To avoid accidents, always to leave the bungalow turn off the heat of the fire, turn off the air conditioning, TV and lights and close the taps and lock the door.
  11. Normal TV channels are: 2.4, 5, 10 and 12 and SKY channels: CNN 26, 28 SPORT TV, 30 HISTORY CHANNEL, TNT 32, 34 UNIVERSAL, FOX 36, 38 GNT, 40 MULTISHOW, 42 DISCOVERY ID, CARTOON 44, 46 DISCOVERY KIDS, 48 GLOBE NEWS, 50 GLOBE HD.
  12. The Hotel Bangalôs da Serra Ltda. It works under the regime of the tourism legislation and does not accept sex tourism and the exploitation of children and adolescents.The offender will be subject to penalties of the law.
  13. To contact the reception, dial 9. For external call, dial 0, wait for the dial tone and dial normally.
  14. To call another bungalow, dial the number 2 followed by the bungalow number (eg for calling the Bungalow 07, dial 207; to call the Bungalow 30, dial 230, etc.).
  15. The folders and pens found in their bungalow courtesy.
  16. The hotel has in the reception building: games room, recreation room, exercise room, racquets and balls for racquetball, volleyball, soccer and swimming. We also have vehicles that can carry and seek, at certain times, guests in the city until the 22h, by appointment with the reception.
  17. We have no infrastructure in order to comply with special needs.
  18. We accept small Pets up to 12 kg and up to 3 animals per bungalow. See the rules and limitations in site
  19. As provided for in the Statute of Children and Adolescents (. Law 8.069 / 90 Articles 82 and 250, Brazil) is prohibited lodging of children or adolescents in hotels, motels, hostelries or like establishments, unless authorized or accompanied by a parent or properly identified legal guardian and with the permission in writing and authenticated by a notary public. Children or under 18 must present identification document (RG) and birth certificate at check-in (input) and must be accompanied parents, legal guardians, or have permission of the lower court, if they are in someone else's company. The Hotel Bungalows da Serra Ltda. is not responsible for minors left alone and / or unaccompanied by their parents or legal guardians on the premises.