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History of the Bangalôs da Serra

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Hotel Bangalôs da Serra was born in 1986 with 4 bungalows totaling 11 apartments. Was named Hotel Pousada do Vale, due to overlooking the Tigers Valley and Morro Agudo, something bucolic and very cozy in Gramado.

When the current owner of the hotel, knew the place did not hesitate to buy this property, which at the time was too small as a guesthouse, and it bought an additional area that was "paddock", ie land deforested where only cattle grazed. In 2003 he reformed the headquarters and built over five bungalows, totaling 48 apartments.

  • 20140723190939

In 2006 with all the changes made and many plans in mind, the Valley Inn name has not matched more with the structure and the now existing place. Decided to start the recovery of flora with wild trees chosen to feed wild animals, rebuilt and recovered gradually it and continued to do so until today, which has a space, another tree is planted.

Over time, they realized that the children of the guests did not know a hen, the cow was the camel and blue jay was a twitter; and they endeavored to make this space a source of learning and interaction with nature and wildlife, enabling children know the "Genoveva", the "Doralice", the "Elvis" and "Slipper". With the same intention born the vegetable garden, the orchard, the garden and Zen garden.

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Our greatest joy is now, and get visitors of the old Inn Valley and the current Bangalôs, is knowing that each tree planted has a bit of our history and each new photographed bird is a reward for all the effort and work together with our employees and guests.

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